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Natural to Knockout  Seminar/Workshop

​​On September 8,2015 a workshop was done for two classes of students and the instructors.  It was an incredible day of opening up minds to creativity
that have not been tapped or unleashed previously. 

Anytime you venture into something new, different, and unfamiliar but at the same time very interesting, it is an awesome situation that the majority of people are uncomfortable with but at the same time desire the knowledge.

It was a very productive day.  The book was gone through Section by Section and the most important parts that needed to be talked about and elaborated on were done to everyone’s satisfaction. Hands on applications were done by the students. I would do one side of the face then they were instructed to do the other side as close to what I had done. It was very interesting, challenging and creatively expressive to see them so willing to learn, and understand how to actually do a straight corrective makeup and how you need to achieve it, and the resolution of the intricate applications that can be a part of knowing what techniques to use and how to correctly use them to create your most desired artistry. They were all engaged, the instructors felt that now they understood the NTK method and how knowledgeable and complete the entire course is.


1.The book Natural to Knockout Makeup, Beauty& You
3.Coarse Outline
4.Several pages of Movies, TV shows, Books and Magazines and a list of Commercials that validate everything that has been said in the book and the seminar
5. A list of specific tools, supplies and products that are basics to have 
6. Review of each Section in the book with Test questions and Answers for Instructors
7. A two sided one page on how to make an incredible workbook for each student
Tabs that go in the page seperaters that are congruent with all the Sections in The book​​

With the curriculum, course outline, Review of each section with test Questions and Answers for the Instructors, a list of books, magazines and films for research to show just how beautiful but detailed a straight corrective makeup can be. and also included a list of various tools etc. the students and the Instructors found the entire workshop very informative and the information extremely viable.

​​Read the raw reviews about the book by clicking here:

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