• SKin care regime
  • Facial anatomy  
  • tools of the trade
  • sculpting with light and shadow
  • concealing techniques
  • eyebrows frame eyes
  • eyes are the mirror to the soul
  • lips tips
  • ​designing your look
  • ​Your Whole Being


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Natural to Knockout

Makeup, Beauty & You

Techniques for Straight Corrective Makeup

​by Three-Time Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist, Carol Brown

It is about studying one's face, realizing what specific makeup is needed to make it look great, and giving each woman what is needed to enhance her natural beauty and/or conceal unwanted flaws. It is about learning to purchase what will be used rather than a lot of products that end up unused in the makeup drawer. 

This book contains face charts, diagrams, and simple explanations to take you through all the steps in a very clear and concise manner

In this book, you'll learn:

This book is about empowering women to make smarter choices, by realizing what works for them and what does not!

The book